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Main menu



  1. Bombay Mix (Bhel Puri) Tangy, sweet and hot Indian suavely made with perfume chilli topped with Indian salsa. 2.50


STREET CHAAT (means to lick, these snacks leaves your tongue ticking to the last morsel)

  1. Bombay Cool Chat Filo pastry basket filled with Chickpea and potato flavoured with sugarcane and tamarind sprinkled with chaat masala. 3.95
  2. Punjabi Pyramid Samosas (3) Shortcrust pastries filled with a delicious and authentic blend of spicy potatoes and peas chaat. 3.95
  3. Goat Cheese and Mozzarella Parcels (3) Masala mash potato and mixed herb cheese enveloped in thin pastry, sprinkled with chart masala. 3.95


  1. Sweet Chilli Chicken  Mustard, curry leaf and perfume chilli infused chicken tossed in tomato relish served on bed of thin pastry basket. 4.95
  2. Tamarind Dirty Bird Burger amazing tamarind minced chicken enhanced with light spicing pan fried burger, enveloped in street puri bread stuffed with mash potato. 4.95
  3. Amins bangers and mash, lightly spice lamb sausages with Indian masalla mash potato served with methi gravy. 4.95
  4. Aunties Keema Aloo Wrap mince beef and potato with intensified flavour of Pakistani korai spice wrapped with plat bread. Our family favourite a wonderful replacement of deep-fried Samosa. 4.95



  1. Calcutta Fish & Chips Chickpea and rice gunpowder coated small river fish and Indian fries, protect them from the rest of your guests 4.95
  2. Fish and leek bhaji Leek and gram flour with lemon zest fish balls 5.95


Homestyle Curry


Indian curries are made with different combinations of spices due to what the Mother Nature gave to each region.

We have adopted the Indian rulebook of slow pot cooking and allowed the time to mature to reach its highest potential taste; therefore once it’s gone it’s finished till the next day.

Our aim is to liberate Indian food from what is served in curry houses across Britain.  



  1. Bengal Burner Chicken Bangladesh put on to the world map for a chilli which makes you cry when you eat, but you can’t stop eating once you start, we won’t compromise for British palate in this curry. This one is not for the faint-hearted. 8.95


  2. Modu and Chilli chicken After explaining Naga chicken we had to sweeten you up with this honey and chilli mixed curry if you didn’t fancy ending up in hospital. 7.95


  3. Lemon Fish Kofta Bhuna Light spiced mashed fish balls, blistered with high-temperature oil and finished in lemon-scented curry sauce 8.95

South Indian

  1. Moms Mango prawn curry Beautiful honey mango based curry with king prawn delicately cooked to create sweet and a hint of tanginess to make this dish mild to medium with south Indian spices. 10.95
  1. Coconut Chicken Curry If there is any dish which can replace korma, the south Indian achieved it before the Brits. 7.95


  1. Goan fish Curry Five start hotels favourite curry, made with turmeric and curry leaf, lavishly Flavoured with coconut cream. It’s just what we expect from coastal region.   10.95


  2. Gunpowder Staff Curry staff curry of the day, please ask member of the staff for more information 9.95




  1. Auntie geetas Butter Makhani Mossala This one is to convert chicken tikka mosala lovers,  makhani is lengthy process cooking of tomato infused with methi, diggi mirch and star anise with added butter  & cream to give you a rich taste. 7.95

  2. Railway Lamb Curry Days of raj is revived here, England built the world’s longest steam railway line in India and we paid them with a medium lentil based curry with plump tomato, cardamom and garlic. 9.95


  1. Memsaabs Mixed Biryani Every country does something special with rice, India has a trademark which is called biryani. Every chef puts own personal touch and we did the same here. 10.95


21.Imam saabs Korai keema Aloo beef mince and potato given the Pakistani flavour.  Korai spice has been the secret of Pakistan and a visit to Pakistan is not complete until you have eaten one from the humble street, reduced for intensified spicy flavour but kept medium. 10.95


It’s religious for some Indians to be vegan, it’s personal for us to provide that.

  1. Garlic infused dhal  Famous lentils mix lavishly flavoured with garlic and infused with turmeric and coriander. 3.95/7.95

  2. Bengal potato Seedy spice flavoured infused roast potato, enhanced with light gunpowder spice. 3.95/7.95

  3. Coconut Cream Spinach Lightly steamed spinach finished in coconut milk 4.95/8.95

  4. Chick Pea and Mushroom Dry curry with seedy spices cooked dry without added water to infuse the taste of pan-fried spices. 3.95/7.95

  5. Pickling Vegetable stir-fry Indians always have a homemade pickle on the side, we know it will be hard for our customers to use the correct amount, therefore we added it for you.  It’s my favourite way of eating veg. 3.95/9.95



  1. aloo Puri (2 mini flat breads with lentil stuffing) 2.75


  2. Noon Bora (5 rice flour bread with turmeric) 2.75


  3. Porata 1.95


  4. Flat chapatti bread  (two) 2.20


  5. Assorted Basket Breads 5.95


  6. Perfumed Rice (1/2 pint or full)      2.50/4.50


TIFFIN BOX FOR ONE (banquet for one)

Food roulette, total pot luck

  1. Office worker’s Tiffin 12.95

4 tier of meat, veg, and carb chosen by chef just like India

  1. School boy tiffin 11.95

4 tier of veg and carb chosen by the mother- she is always right in India and England


We insist you to finish with us on a sweet note…

  1. Warm Gulab Jamoon with ice cream 3.95


  2. Macaroons  with ice cream

Ice cones

  1. Finest vanilla ice cream 2.95


  2.  Kulfi 2.95
  1.  Sorbet 2.95

For allergy and intolerance please ask your server.

For parties of 6 or above 10% discretionary service charge is added.

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